Xeon SSD Gbit

Xeon Quad Core w/ hyperthreading,

2x 300GB SSD, 12GB RAM,

1 Gbit / 1 Gbit.

Unmetered download traffic

Upload traffic ~100TB+ month


  • You can choose your prefered options:
  • Either get the Seedbox package with no extra cost! (Linux)
  • Includes:
    Server Control Panel w/ all these options available:
    - rTorrent - ruTorrent interface (create torrent)
    - µTorrent server edition
    - cTorrent - w3bTorrent interface (create torrent)
    - Torrentflux interface (multi user, create torrent)
    - Transmission interface (multi user possible)
    - sabNZB - Interface for usenet downloads
    - VPN - Service to hide your IP and tracks
    - Web proxy - Anonymous browsing
    - Use your favorite client, or all, as you wish!
  • Or choose a clean install of your preferred Linux distro, no install cost!
  • Windows also available, see below.
  • Pro Support FREE
  • Linux OS FREE
  • Windows 2008 Web Edition 32bit/64bit free (3 months trial version installed, enter your license key if you have one to continue using the server after that)
  • DirectAdmin Monthly 14 € / month
  • DirectAdmin Lifetime 66 € One time fee
  • Location FR


Only € 383 / month

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